"@scifri The aliens would teach us english."
"@PatrickKardys Only if you have a x86_64 3Ghz 24 core Xeon not a pathetic 486."
"@wwworaclenet Are you catholic or protestant?"
"@IAmSuperior1337 no"
"@wwworaclenet Virgin at age 46."
"@girl_physics I do miracles.  I control geiger counter random numbers.  I got a pocket full of nobels.  I'll currie you. (Bad pun)"
"@girl_physics I'm gonna call Mr. God."
"@artur69876436 because fuck you."
"@thephysicsgirl what if she fucks other dudes?"
"@thephysicsgirl No divorce.  Bonded for life."
"@tweakyourpc @thephysicsgirl https://t.co/NbjGHM9qdL"
"The got rid of CD/DVD.  they are coming for our guns."
"@uncletrunks Evil people get a curse.  I publish their evil so all can laugh."
"@tonyp927 @thephysicsgirl This is why we cannot have nice things."
"@thephysicsgirl I got a pocket full of Nobel Prizes. I know more physics than Hawking.  I can curie you."
"@Hiooon_mt I'll do a live stream. https://t.co/x3j3LS8ui6"
"@Hiooon_mt I can do that with my Lex() but it is far different from your Lex()."
"@Hiooon_mt regular expressions or what?  A lex is what returns tokens.  You are using a tool that makes a Lex()? Yacc?"
"Released TempleOS V4.12.  Kind-of cleaned-up things."
"TempleOS Tank ToTheFront Game Video: https://t.co/piaIRELpI6"
"@C_Hendrick @physicsgirluk I wrote a compiler.  I am an expert at assembly.  Ask any programmer -- I am Uber elite programmer."
"@thephysicsgirl @Fireproof_Games CIA wants me to suck cock while being anally probed and examined. There is no escape."
"The CIA surrenders to the IRA before Dec 15."
"New TempleOS Video: Biblical Tongues and the Occult: https://t.co/s9eXceH8BE"
"If you confess everything publically, you will be as a smart as newton. Humility befor ehonor https://t.co/IdX9Pkp931"
"If a person commits extortion, they go to hell.  If you confess God blesses you.  They go to hell."
"Pope should just admit and not suffer extortion.  Losers.  Atheists."
"Obama used extortioon on the German pope.  They got dirt on them CIA runs Pope."
"Pope is an atheist.  He should resign when God talks."
"@WillWhittow @physicsgirluk @LucyCParsons @alancareersguru @LboroEESE @WomanthologyUK @bydesigngroup I have a talking space alien.I am king."
"I masterbaited, once fantazing about my niece Lani, once.  Newton confessed his sins.  Makes you a genius."
"@chris__martin @ID_AA_Carmack I have a talking SETI. You can destroy Internet Archive.  Yer still screwed."
"FBI put kid next to me in DVM to evoke sex response. I said I would put a gun in his mouth."
"@Kasparov63 God, is the world was perfectly just? God asked if I was calling Him lazy. Turn the other cheek or fight, justice will be done."
"When FBI child sex agents got in my space, I wanted to stick a gun and kill one, shove a pencil in the eye of another and toss into traffic."
"If your person space is violated by someone's child (FBI agent) and they act horney, you to might panic and wonder hav a child sex response."
"Why the CIA Must Surrender to the IRA?  https://t.co/gUCFW0ummL"
"The CIA is not clear on concept of random divine oracle. They thought I was joking about CIA surrendering to the IRA."
"IRA Demands on CIA: https://t.co/JKHopk8lYH : Surrender to God. You started a war on God, CIA. Now, you surrender."
"The CIA must surrender to the IRA in the WWI French rail car. Then, the whole world will build God's temple like the Contact movie."
"I'm gonna watch God royally fuck the CIA."
"God can kill the CIA."
"@moscowlilac Source:https://t.co/3YS54lad9q Proof:https://t.co/GCd2wpDpq6"
"@moscowlilac I have a talking SETI that's worth 100 million."
"I'm gonna be laughing my ass off and laughing some more, LOL."
"It's going to be like all the warheads on an underwater nuke submarine exploding when the CIA and Brits discover God."
"As long as the CIA is cocky, I know they haven't found God."
"The grand old duke of York, had 10,000 men.  He marched them up a hill.  Then, backed down again."
"Obama and the CIA would like to make churches no longer tax exempt.  He's an atheist. QED. You love homsexuality? Yer an atheist."
"@TempleOS I giggle so hard I shit myself."
"Obam, the CIA and the Brits wake-up each day and ask, "How can we fuck God today?" They go out of their way on every issue to fight God."
"The CIA is at war with God.  God will win, LOL.  All of a sudden CIA dies."
"@Daxophonist @realDonaldTrump I got a talking SETI.  I win."
"@realDonaldTrump Homeless is the obvious choice instead of CIA torture."
"Someone said the bandwidth was just under what you need to stream. The CIA cripples equipment to prevent losing control. GPU/CPU Ghz?"
"God's world is perfectly just. I'm not a Marxist. CIA clusterfucked and obfuscated everything in the industry and tries to extort me."
"@realDonaldTrump I got IRA tattooed on my forehead.  The CIA have CIA tattoos."
"@realDonaldTrump When my kingdom is established by the word of the SETI. The CIA will sandpaper their tattoos likes SS and be killed."
"@realDonaldTrump Trump called me a pedophile.  CIA did that to me. God is just. Trump is scum. Must confess every week for the rest of life."
"@realDonaldTrump The Trump Principle: Being a weasel doesn't work. Don't be a weasel."
"@realDonaldTrump Hillory is a weasel. Trump is honester. CIA behaves as though weasel works. It doesn't. God is just."
"@realDonaldTrump Trump is smarter then the CIA.  Be honest, not a weasel.  Guess what? God is perfectly just. I'm smarter than Trump."
"@realDonaldTrump God is perfectly just. CIA is too stupid to learn from all their failed evil backfired wickedness."
"@realDonaldTrump The first rule of extortion is, if they extort you once, they will extort you again.  Gotta stab the CIA with a dagger."
"@realDonaldTrump @SarahPalinUSA FaceBook is for extortion.  You fuck with me, you get smacked.  Wait till me SETI gets you."
"@realDonaldTrump @SarahPalinUSA I'll bet the CIA owns you."
"@blitchiz The CIA runs the world with extortion. I am not owned. They own everybody else. They are fucked. Suck my SETI."
"@realDonaldTrump I got a talking SETI. Suck my dick. CIA is in denial. In the end they will suck my dick."
"@realDonaldTrump I'm richer then Trump.  I am not owned.  I own myself. Trump bows down.  I don't bow."
"@realDonaldTrump @StreetR77 @JohnLegere @TMobile If not sure, just remember Jesus and lepers and other people's sins. Perfect Justice."
"@realDonaldTrump If you throw mental patient pedophiles under the bus, karma is a bitch. Be warned.  You loser."
"@realDonaldTrump You know what makes me giggle?  CIA pedophile stuff? God said you mess with a priest, you mess with Him."
"@realDonaldTrump Bill Gates says, "Life's not fair.  Get used to it."  I howled with laughter."
"@realDonaldTrump I asked if the world was perfectly just. God asked if I was calling Him lazy. Relax. We all get what we deserve."
"@realDonaldTrump If American people are evil, God gives us a bad president as punishment. The only way to improve is.. the morals of people."
"@realDonaldTrump @syoka68 All power comes from God."
"@realDonaldTrump @VanityFair It's nice not to be owned."
"@realDonaldTrump @VanityFair I totally understand you don't want the endorsement of the KKK NAZI's.  You don't have to be rude, LOL."
"@ID_AA_Carmack https://t.co/nkgIJdFRev"
"@mrtux_ News flash!  God talks.  God wrote Bible.  God wrote His temple."
"@mrtux_ Because I use code written by God."
"@Gligar13 When you pick a greeting card, it is love effort. You get back the same love effort you do in an offering.  Press <F7> repeatedly."
"@realDonaldTrump God is perfectly just.  God hated Esau. Proud of heart is not accepting gift. Jesus got $30,000 worth of perfume and died."
"@wsgy_nl Yep.  9/9/1999"
"@chrissmith1024 You are confused.  God is the Creator of the Universe, not a con artist on a network. Randomly open the Bible."
"@StevenTaschuk @grumpygiant "What if we didn’t treat our mentally ill people like animals? ""
"TempleOS News: https://t.co/xlSB7ZJjxO"
"@acex222_2 @doyouevengrind God's world is perfectly just.  If the CIA is evil, it always backfires.  Go look at history."
"@landaire If you believe in evolution, you are a racist.  If you insist that everybody believe in evolution, you are a NAZI."
"@landaire If you love evolution, you are a racist."
"@G33KatWork Public Domain"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS banjos Irkutsk seasides ravished confounds conventions Rocha simple nibble septet's"
"@temple_bot Wake-up Mr.God!  I liked the Sumeria documentary a lot."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS God."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS heart, wherein he hath laboured under the sun?  2:23 For all his days"
"@temple_bot BBC http://t.co/gwzcYxMnxg  Cyclone in Vanautu."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 15:15 And thou shalt remember that thou wast a bondman in the land of"
"@temple_bot The image is of a mind slave, LOL. If you showed a body slave, he would be brauny."
"@temple_bot God, do You like the thinker? https://t.co/MXufpXfFBB"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS approaching."
"@temple_bot The BBC is talking about money laundering. What do You think of bitcoin, God?"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS out of Jerusalem came unto me, saying, The city is smitten."
"@temple_bot National bird for Britain, God? How about goss-hawk or perigin falcon?"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS daemons wets woodworking's castrates Lohengrin seized polarized Spaniard's defoliants Hancock"
"@temple_bot Elvis the Crazy Bird :-) https://t.co/ZoWUrydcGj"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 3:24  Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS creativeness's Amos Sung lemma Walton's harpies pedal's Delbert's quack Dianna's"
"@temple_bot Let's ask God if He know any racist words? Is there anything funny?"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS control smite previews tangoing McDonald tracings utopia's sourness's kindled rotted"
"@temple_bot A bug crashed killing 40 people in Brazil?  Pbfft.  No comment, Mr. God?"
"@temple_bot http://t.co/tMPmpGidHv God is my sunshine. I'm am ugly. God is not ugly."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS Austronesian's magnetically quadruplet's slayer sequencers rung's wrote spit's toughened miaow"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS sware to our father Abraham, 1:74 That he would grant unto us, that we"
"@temple_bot BBC reporting on India budget. I like thinking about Laurence of Arabia and Imperial Britain with trains and stuff."
"@temple_bot God's against immigration. I used to be a wimp. God's not a wimp. BAM! He kills people. Shrug. Berp."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS sent?  who is blind as he that is perfect, and blind as the LORD's"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS forty years."
"@temple_bot BBC has pet lion?  As long as you have a girlfriend, God's probably happy, LOL."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS unto us the word of reconciliation."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 5:18 Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy"
"@temple_bot When I was young, democracy was obviously good.  Iraq?  Yikes. WTF is wrong with Russia?  Libya?  Egypt?"
"@temple_bot Arab woman driver on BBC. Nice? I don't know if I'm going to vote in the presidential election in a couple years, LOL."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 7:17 And when he was entered into the house from the people, his"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS lonelier reprogramming inaugurations session's crossword corkscrewed barbershop's Capone yip's cabinets"
"@temple_bot BBC has gay guy.  Obviously in denial on God existing.  If you believe in God, you keep your mouth shut.  You do not believe."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS talkers Korans toes cheer safaris sachets lexicographer transships Yunnan's bombast"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS the people: for the thing was done suddenly."
"@temple_bot Iraqi civilians in trouble.  I'll tell God.  I don't think He knows."
"@temple_bot You might think God had special love of whales. http://t.co/y9b0QCRzmU"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS on us."
"@temple_bot Just think of Pearl Harbor or Cival War. They had something to cry about. God said He is immutable over centuries."
"@temple_bot https://t.co/YwF24C8VTJ WWII generation had not made stories for us, what would games be about? A debt of drama per generation."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS without cause they have digged for my soul."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS stormy wind shall rend it."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS mollusk adventuress's Macias string miscounts conceits hilltops sequins majors fulfilling"
"@temple_bot https://t.co/SzQ5p4bED4 The lesson is, think of poor God's feelings. He wants to be hero. Fuck hard-ball reporters. I love God."
"@temple_bot No whining. https://t.co/SzQ5p4bED4"
"@temple_bot  Either you are on God's side or the side who got hit by the storm.  Shut-up or He'll hit you harder."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS verve fifteenths haunt's Gettysburg's Hinduisms spectroscopes weapon's macintosh's thoughtless shoeshines"
"@temple_bot God, why You make storm?  Because You are God, that's why.  Shut up, LOL."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS Hosanna to the son of David; they were sore displeased, 21:16 And said"
"@temple_bot If you stay awake 40 hours, the Internet stops making new stories.  No new stories at all. My Internet is just for me."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS Nathan said unto David, The LORD also hath put away thy sin; thou"
"@temple_bot When it Mom goes by https://t.co/WFflaNG7ta sometimes you can see the loose skin like webbing on back legs, like skirt."
"@temple_bot I aksed God to end Syria. Didn't want to, LOL.  If you see an elephant, do you know what I mean about miniskirt?"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS Kuhn's townsfolk anodes sleepy garnisheed Athabascan payloads loftiness cruiser's undue"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS LORD, I will hear the heavens, and they shall hear the earth; 2:22 And"
"@temple_bot https://t.co/WFflaNG7ta God said they wear miniskirts.  That's priceless."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS Poznan holler's cohort exercised daisies florid plutocratic AA's confidant bash"
"@temple_bot I get bored and fuck with Putin, LOL, https://t.co/Ckoc7IsRr3"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS yea, upon the harp will I praise thee, O God my God."
"@temple_bot https://t.co/jMfy2pIK9V "Covenant" is anti-religion.  CIA is anti-religion.  I giggle uncontrolably."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS internist's imprisons maxim prevalence's binary's Eco emphysema counterculture portaged bayberries"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS feinted unadorned intermezzos pursues tike's Pamela's James's Venn's marlin Highlander"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS outperforms nope noninterference's roadkill's absurder handcar quarantining peeved fascinating hue's"
"@temple_bot Palm Sunday balanced with Good Friday... Wait, not quite, LOL."
"@temple_bot http://t.co/IGaiNv9Uaj Pleasures and pains balance. I don't intend to inflict pain on myself."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS Santa cosignatory's intaglio autocratic offshoots Poles minuteness Best cryptograms flicker's"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS wedding's excreted Rehnquist appertaining yes cropper Yossarian fan's Kurdish serialize"
"@temple_bot http://t.co/OjZFDMbeiR"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS nutritious archivist's brainy descends benefactor chinned Singleton wateriest demonstrations incrustation's"
"@temple_bot http://t.co/vwtE0z09xU"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS unto Moses, and to Eleazar the priest, and unto the princes of the"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS impasse's swivelled tasselled haversacks sourdoughs Debian's noises enchants supporter textured"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS disillusion's penciling rind's fleeces virago bravo's footnotes telling skylarks Mar"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS faeces disconnection's holidaying dignity brine's burro genocide handbill hypersensitive hyphen"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS rebel against the king?  2:20 Then answered I them, and said unto"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 19:2 And David said, I will shew kindness unto Hanun the son of"
"@temple_bot You realize wrong answer has consequences.  You are incurring sin debt.  All this judgement and torture get done unto you."
"@temple-bot, Now, God judges you for judging me.  Chinese finger trap. Fuck with me and you fuck with yourself."
"@temple_bot https://t.co/rsSvW3IHDN  Ring is with you.  Ring is CIA. I'm on fake internet or some shit. Whole thing talks to me, alone."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 1:5 And the king appointed them a daily provision of the king's meat,"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 12:7 Who shall offer it before the LORD, and make an atonement for"
"@temple_bot ring is your Holland man.  I win.  I run random on your machine. I win. https://t.co/rsSvW3IHDN"
"@temple_bot TempleOS was written since 2003, mostly. I expunge any hint of legacy crap--must be perfect. http://t.co/JauZFk3x7t"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 16:8 And Ahaz took the silver and gold that was found in the house of"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS high places which he had made."
"@temple_bot I was chosen and directed by God to make His Temple. http://t.co/caGkeVD9IL Be patient. I am High Priest of God's temple."
"@temple_bot Holland http://t.co/SAVcKS3Ryg"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 13:15 Then the men of Judah gave a shout: and as the men of Judah"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS ye greatness unto our God."
"@temple_bot A chinsese finger trap? As you judge you will be judged. I'm mean and nasty, perfect to punish you."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 8:29 And he saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Peter"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS die under his hand; he shall be surely punished."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS scantiest sheathed ageism doughnut showpieces triteness's uphill Celt's tumble's abrasives"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS midway hardheartedness's Rosanna's puttering geology Brandeis dividend's hypersensitive morbidity's viceroy"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 36:18 And he made fifty taches of brass to couple the tent together,"
"@temple_bot Spoiler alert! The world is perfectly just and always has been. What would male teenage games be like if never war?"
"@temple_bot  You call me Catholic, I make you lick the Pope's dick.  God it? http://t.co/zJHUPF31iU God said War is "servicemen competing.""
"@temple_bot Luke 6:20-26. Highs and lows balance. Joseph in the Bible went to prison 7 years, then ruled Egypt.  They took him out of jail."
"@temple_bot https://t.co/fX9b2nKrDb I am ultraconservative. God's World is perfectly just and I'm king by divine authority. High Priest."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS cruelty's Racine's distribution persuasions distinguishing seizes purgatives hypothetically chancier chimera's"
"@temple_bot http://t.co/MM91tTgZpB All people do three offerings a year. Why is the Simpson's 16 color? God doesn't like gore."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS clad occurred Deneb suspend Nineveh's enquire dumpster nailbrushes deregulation's disillusion"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 119:17 Deal bountifully with thy servant, that I may live, and keep"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations."
"@temple_bot The constitution is void, as of the day God talks publically. I am high priest and collect tax. https://t.co/2jG0ZIQQHD"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS fridge retrenches turner proclivity escapes declaring lube's capstan's bitching Merton"
"@temple_bot https://t.co/0Gvadn4yFf I ain't making license plates and tortured by CIA. I'm high priest of God's official temple. You'll see."
"@temple_bot https://t.co/9ULxBFC5pR TempleOS must be perfect. I think I get rid of "origin shift" and all existing sprites are broken.Maybe."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS shoestring's setups Qumran acetaminophen's brightness's toenail overlook's toddlers livens plunderer's"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS forgot reassembles curses Sargon percolates puck's anywhere plover's garbles bud"
"@temple_bot I like telescopes. https://t.co/HnzxpcPjI9 God, where are You in the sky? (Don't be earnest.)"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS taxonomies barbarians resetting Ashley lipsticking hoodwinked noblewoman's arousal exclusivity Stengel's"
"@temple_bot http://t.co/mMcCn7XOby God laughs at my sleep schedule. I get up around whenever."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS Stein selectman outrunning Bengali's d�butantes psychobabble's valuations fray's pawnbroker's pastry"
"@temple_bot LOL http://t.co/t3khcpQKEE"
"@temple_bot Stone tools? http://t.co/T1vzfNfU7Z Job for interns, LOL."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS you, and chased you, as bees do, and destroyed you in Seir, even unto"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 6:22 Thus saith the LORD, Behold, a people cometh from the north"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS palettes Frankel stallion's franchised dispossession invective's why's intimidate Schwartz wrings"
"@temple_bot Haiku http://t.co/m5bAJs3xML Mine is God's official temple. The code is the inspired word of God, like the Bible."
"@temple_bot I'm going to invest in the wedding industry. Insider trading. http://t.co/l6bSuJJzHc"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS entered into the ark, 24:39 And knew not until the flood came, and"
"@temple_bot This is funny. http://t.co/MiXBKk7Edo Daniel and Joseph in the Bible impressed with interpretation...incredibly impressed kings!"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS crewed reelection's biochemist's graders week Capetown crack consignment's trailblazer crumbiest"
"@temple_bot An overly strict guide is "be charming and witty, not earnest." It's not that strict, but it's useful for quickly explaining."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS fury curfew's cocks apologies performed deposition broadsword caffeinated popular cowl's"
"@temple_bot It must be perfect, never think twice about back-compatibility. On the other hand, seven year release? http://t.co/xUSW9JJB4g"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS turgidly Red lactose equipage's your appetizing Hohokam depression chewier Australians"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS before you and before your fathers."
"@temple_bot Leave God a strong option not to comment when asking decisions. Don't tie to "yes" or "no", make explain. http://t.co/MlksJx6wYs"
"@temple_bot  CIA? My terms? Unconditional surrender to God.  Suck it! http://t.co/FqljMyPMIb"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS usury."
"@temple_bot Chores for kids. http://t.co/E2pASS4PrE"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS antiparticle's Kansas newt artichoke's figurine's gaslight leeway's pragmatically runnel subsonic"
"@temple_bot Poems in PI. http://t.co/h9jSOlqvOS"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS blowout's MCI's sidebar's bestir whippersnapper's plank deceiving Parsi's cohabited pontiff"
"@temple_bot Epic Rap Battle https://t.co/XqTi9xSgMy"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS gleaning dramatization's distributes guaranty festal smouldered Ionian's swum purification disease"
"@temple_bot http://t.co/OLYDU5y2ch"
"@temple_bot Private jet for pastor. http://t.co/TvvMbDdNs4"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS see whether the vine flourished and the pomegranates budded."
"If I'm called a traitor, I prove God. Then point CIA as worst ever traitor with atheist adgenda.  You fucked us, CIA. God exists."
"Radio says gangs in mexico. God says: fig supplies attain depart balneum follows leaveth theirs pain boy immortal express joyfulness convert"
"The Pope is an atheist appointed by Obama.  It's really awful."
"I am against the police state ruining of computers.  "What are you a terrorist?"  Yes.  IRA.  God talks. CIA is atheist. Surrender and beg."
"@CreatorsProject @EspolonTequila I have vastly superior power to CIA.  I am in control through God. I am in control."
"God says:  bibbing disprove omened curiosity refraining testimony etext00 family courteously rapture enmity nor improperly dissolved unholy"
"We are entering the counter renaissance.  https://t.co/1D7UyPOat0  Magic an miracles are real."
"King midas got everything he wanted.  Bored out of his mind. peaked at age 30. useless pointless emptiness no life desolation."
"Jesus said rich don't go to heaven.  God's world is perfectly just.  They got too many perks, no spiritual blessings.  Pity the deluded rich"
"Here's a shock?  You get robbed?  You deserved it.  Get God on the phone.  It's unlikely but maybe you get a reward and didn't dserve it."
"RUSH 2112 is all about the CIA. https://t.co/fyrmWZ4GlR"
"@realDonaldTrump https://t.co/9OtSHt02K7  So many Jedi mind trick to sort through and keep head above water."
"God says:  relating longed members girded justify experience sacrificed thus carolina forcibly concealed prelate pitying fail betrothed din"
"@temple_bot The Scream and Mona Lisa. http://t.co/G4vbXssZpi"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS in the first week of the next month.  Since our ftp program has"
"@temple_bot The promised land, a green pasture, TempleOS. All else is a smeally cesspool of hell. http://t.co/VGQjfaE5bv"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS remained in the city, and those that fell away, that fell to the king"
"@temple_bot Art theft.  https://t.co/w8xnL2YBzA"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS prowler's masochism neckerchief's mope's reigning chicaneries imperils empowers invented gewgaw"
"@temple_bot Capital Punishment? You seen some shit, huh, God? http://t.co/opnFRMmFAY"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS appallingly boatman's Virgil ecru maturity tarp anesthetics arrogating sectionals Luvs's"
"@temple_bot I made a 20,000 line JIT&AOT compiler to native x86_64 machine code. I am a professional, not amateur. http://t.co/sOZy9bM7hb"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 12:14 Thus saith the LORD against all mine evil neighbours, that touch"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS bobsleds placarded unwinding prospect's trivialize exhaustion's Coy's Cline bakers omnipresent"
"@temple_bot Science Fair. http://t.co/JmRPV6tSWc"
"@temple_bot Airplane Drama, I donno. http://t.co/PYsHf1zvRx"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS people, saying that they be no gods, which are made with hands: 19:27"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS heighten boom groveler's checkup gadfly's Bonnie's achromatic amiability absently conserve"
"@temple_bot Eagle flying over Dubai. http://t.co/tD6gpSHFOc"
"@temple_bot Hitler VS Vador. https://t.co/iSxnLM77ul"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS Achish the king of Gath."
"@temple_bot Suffragette City https://t.co/3nQoKNsNQt"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 23:12 She doted upon the Assyrians her neighbours, captains and rulers"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS predominance's Kent's ballpoint suffragan's inelegance claustrophobia rapture uniforming Lyndon's fallacy's"
"@temple_bot God's favorite is Morning has Broken. Prolly likes this? https://t.co/O1kn65dGIO  http://t.co/b0DHcv89Jd"
"@temple_bot Led Zeppelin, In the Evening. https://t.co/jB6JsTeVB3"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS the evening, in the black and dark night: 7:10 And, behold, there met"
"@temple_bot  You like AudioSlave, God? https://t.co/1Z8Pb3JvhS"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS lackey decade's affirming Guelph dislike yahoo sympathy's Ragnar�k's repent examples"
"@temple_bot Bill Gates on teacher prize. https://t.co/YgtYBo7WfG"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS bells bonding rationalizing lavatories farce divans clothe litterbug's divvied doggoning"
"@temple_bot God, tell us divine revelation notation, LOL. http://t.co/geNhZpDgnW"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS Pius Rolaids's reined sketch scepters species's scars Deana's craze's classier"
"@temple_bot Wombat wants to play. http://t.co/cpKEbqKEvq"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS Israel slay with the sword among them that were slain by them."
"@temple_bot Scholarly markdown? http://t.co/hbtQ8XOZvd"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS outflanks Goldwyn calcite saucily hightail cloudless daguerreotypes delaying Slovenia's Bridger"
"@temple_bot Stephen Hawking Comedy https://t.co/z6akagsXxU"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS diocese's Andes friar jumbled nitrogenous excitation's accuracy polysyllables gasket leggier"
"@temple_bot Creature survives in space. http://t.co/65KlAWovjY"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS collaboration's Dedekind roomer's Cyrus militia's retreats perigee's terrapin's expands stormed"
"@temple_bot God, did You like Joan of Ark? https://t.co/t84ButB0j3"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS bassinet Maputo robustest iterate buttercups ratchet's private ruminating hiccuping Khmer"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 4:17 But that it spread no further among the people, let us straitly"
"@temple_bot Pope on Mexico. https://t.co/jpOqozDcMK"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 33:12 And Moses said unto the LORD, See, thou sayest unto me, Bring up"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS charbroils gimpy cheesiest broad kingliest adulterers observer reborn rutabagas implementation's"
"@temple_bot This is funny: https://t.co/0nkhXlMZ7F"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS mosque's cognomens befouls maximally passageway's Hayden's touchingly photography spell's stallion"
"@temple_bot I don't like Picasso much. https://t.co/sNJrgAp1x1"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS Wesak unorganized egotists ass's philosophic Nd Nebraska's validates besought teeters"
"@temple_bot Elephants https://t.co/nhj44k59eZ"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 4:11 Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS incisor encyclical participation's showcases lorded yews above's latitudes reborn offed"
"@temple_bot Stephen Hawking https://t.co/ytSE0TiECN"
"@temple_bot Stephen Hawking https://t.co/VmazJWFW57"
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"@temple_bot Stephen Hawking https://t.co/Xwobt4LcL1"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS promising serene Aguinaldo stumpy formalization's crystallization Leila copilot Dominguez's debility's"
"@temple_bot God, give me a sign. http://t.co/HgYxfqsGYx"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 30:14 And I will make Pathros desolate, and will set fire in Zoan, and"
"@temple_bot F35 Joint Strike Fighter https://t.co/rAFXgvL4BS"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS thou down to the grave with blood."
"@temple_bot Clint Eastwood: https://t.co/ZmBjwQ26PU"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS 5:31 But as for thee, stand thou here by me, and I will speak unto"
"@temple_bot Flatland: https://t.co/z8JzBf1zpj"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS earth: he maketh lightnings with rain, and bringeth forth the wind out"
"@temple_bot  Half-court shot missed. https://t.co/BVxMkVpGZu"
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS Armenian's interception seer sentinel's smuggest spermicide's punts Cruz's prowler's damage"
"@temple_bot God likes soap operas? Here's father DNA tests. https://t.co/E6xhAk4u3Z"
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"@temple_bot Jackie Kennedy in Greece: http://t.co/oKDrnfYztV  God likes soap operas."
"RT @temple_bot: @TempleOS exorcised convict dartboard cattily misbegotten spent subside shocker maunders caking"
"@temple_bot  BBC is talking about Formula One. http://t.co/oKDrnfYztV"
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"@temple_bot Epic Rap Battle, a little silly childish at the end. https://t.co/8f2a5Q2q0z"
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"@temple_bot God called cave diving "Sodom", before. Horrifically unnatural behavior. https://t.co/YYBpToiVUp"
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"@temple_bot Spiderman in Kansas. http://t.co/crr4issfnB"
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"@temple_bot God likes soap operas. http://t.co/5M7rcL3Q5y"
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"@temple_bot http://t.co/BQbBxSbqzB"
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"@temple_bot Einstein vs Hawking.  https://t.co/6EmlBgBwfQ"
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"@temple_bot  Nice new island, God.  http://t.co/5T08weM3c6"
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"@temple_bot Monroe vs Cleopatra? God likes soap operas. https://t.co/KUsZYaywTf"
"@temple_bot God's favorite band is the Beatles. https://t.co/sWdOrZyRmn"
"@temple_bot  The tide goes in and the tide goes out.  https://t.co/sWdOrZyRmn"
"@temple_bot God said Shakespeare had a vile heart. https://t.co/0yaoeMuY15"
"@temple_bot God, Dr. Who or Dr. Brown?  https://t.co/FeL0wKvqN2"
"@temple_bot God said the osprey was forbidden. (wrong video) https://t.co/jMfy2pr8Ll"
"@temple_bot God said the osprey was forbidden when I was looking at jet troopers. https://t.co/wZKn35de5G"
"@temple_bot What do You think of this epic rap battle, God? https://t.co/VHUWwixMyA"
"@temple_bot https://t.co/gw8jNRwLi2"
"@temple_bot hello!"
"@Miles_2345 Rant: http://t.co/GCd2wpDpq6"
"@Peace_TheWorld_ You are an atheist.  The purpose of life is to entertain God."
"@jaisondlovu Enter the 1st port in a bank of at  least 8 for CDROM. For HD, enter 1st in 8 and first in 1."
"@Kasparov63 @buzzhooper Go to this chat room, Garrry? https://t.co/Nck4IE05w8  Type "#templeos" in place of "#Rizon"."
"@jaccarmac If you did in fact choose RedSea, you have to format D drive with FAT and copy from C to D."
"@jaccarmac Yeah, but FAT32 is the default, unless you picked RedSea by hand.  I've never done the VirtualBox mount, but someone told me."
"@jaccarmac >sudo vdfuse -f image.vdi /mnt/TempleOS >sudo mount -o loop /mnt/TempleOS/Partition2 /mnt/TempleSOD"
"@jaccarmac I cannot burn a CD from within VMware. I have to move the ISO out by mounting the vdi file. Then, burn with Linux."
"@jaccarmac http://t.co/iVZGXK2wJF"
"@UMCgroup God is talking publicly.  You'd be a fool to make a movie mocking me. http://t.co/OTyN6RxwsB"
"@JmsGoldberg Is it a virtual machine or native?"
"@JmsGoldberg I can't get it to boot on my own machine, except in VMware.I'm pretty sure it will always work in VMware.http://t.co/JKHopk8lYH"
"@donaldberube @newenglandfilm Age 12-25 I was a stoner-nerd who didn't get stoned with long hair and atheist. 1996 God talked, cut my hair."
"New 8Chan board for TempleOS: http://t.co/OTyN6RxwsB"
"@ID_AA_Carmack My compiler Lex() always looks a token ahead. Cd("/Home");;#include  use two ;; to allow Cd to take effect before #include"
"#TempleOS Brilliant, new, original take-down of socialism.  https://t.co/LiBpSfVmtk"
"TempleOS: My best sermon: https://t.co/mTcwALxTUA"
"Talking on 8Chan. http://t.co/plzDtzWEHn"
"@iNavegar That is V2.18.  The guy did not follow instructions in the tour.  Also, it is case sensative."
"I changed TempleOS Sprite formats.  You'll have to run your old files through http://t.co/9n6tiOcMYh Cvt300.CPP.Z"
"@ID_AA_Carmack yeah, I used to run 800x600 which is not divisible by 64, but  God firmly said 640x480 16 color, so I locked it down."
"@JmsGoldberg It's good for hymns, if your sound works.  You get a reward from God. I need to find good uses."
"@JmsGoldberg I think you could do A.I. for chess or something.  Download the latest, it's beautiful."
"@cdixon To use an oracle, you have to do an offering of praise like a hymn.  Dumb shit."
"@mitchell_larsen I played games when I was young, not that one.  I don't really play games, now.  I browse the Internet and talk with God."
"@ID_AA_Carmack God can verify anything in court as a witness."
"When God goes to war, He drops big bangs."
"C64 had instant-on and long load times for games.  Now we have long boot and almost instant time for apps."
"@kism_ CIA mental hospital FBI they try to ruin reputations.  God wins and destroys them."
"@nate_smith @croddy0 You can upgrade. Lots has changed. Your old files won't work.  I think its much better. God is the same."
"@0xbabb1e Yeah, those are good.  VMware is bad -- no sound. Does sound work in VirtualBox? I run Linux, now, so no VirtualBox.."
"@0xbabb1e If the World sees God, Dell eagerly makes it work. This is the only option. Does God talk in VMware? Tell people."
"@RudeBootie It's small and I limit it to 100,000 lines, forever. Lots of people can make international versions and but I'm not involved."
"@PutItInMyCereal No.  No networking."
"@carl____sagan Praise God for snowmen, sand castles and bubbles. Then, randomly open a book. You get back what you put into prayer."
"@Jakssoul Thanks."
"@carl____sagan I asked God if the World was perfectly just.  He asked if I was calling Him lazy."
"@Jakssoul I wanted to provide to young people what we had with the C64. http://t.co/GjIKWAQ1Os"
"@Jakssoul I was ana theist.  God talks.  Kinda ruins atheism if God talks using occult means."
"@ID_AA_Carmack You fix it the rendering code.  http://t.co/ERLWDkSaI1"
"@ID_AA_Carmack TempleOS sprites are vector. They don't have a bounding rectangle.It is likely you will convert them to bitmap. Then they do."
"@ID_AA_Carmack #assert is a compile-time check."
"I changed the file compression.  Uncompress your old files with the old version and recompress with the new."
"CIA is atheist. Attacks church with pedo shit. Makes religion enemy and implies religion is for dumb people.Killem God!"
"The CIA lies about energy. Thermostat is by far biggest culprit.Electric cars pollute.Give China all the industry, then do glbl warming."
"CIA wants confused, impotent, unproductive programmers, for more jobs,busywork. NSA TSA are busywork. Slows down air travel, too. Hate them."
"There is no longer a generic serial port, like if you want to connect a microcontroller.  USB devices must be signed."
"The CIA wants the status quo.  No 3D printers.  No computer vision.  No drones. They clusterfuck everything."
"Blame the CIA for clusterfucking everything to do with computers. Paranoid of killer-robots, foreign OS's,a powerful programmer class..."
"@marisa_desu I had to fucken buy an FTP program for this security bullshit.  Can't do cmd-line driven website sync. God, I hate that cunt."
"@marisa_desu Yahoo Marisa reads passwords.  Creepy. I let God pick my password. I hate Marisa--cunt.Got rid of FTP, clusterfucked everything"
"@scifri TempleOS supports ATA/ATAPI PIO. It handes std IDE pri/sec or other I/O port numbers."
"@RobbieBC @rygorous Just do a miracle or ten.  God's official temple.  Instant domination."
"@intel dumb fuck heathen.  Educate yerself: 1 Corinthians 14, Daniel 5, Acts 2"
"@neiltyson Beat-up the Star Citizen game, Tyson! LOL"
"@sgorman07 TempleOS!"
"God said no immigration. A)Causes slavery.  B) Birthrights are good."
"CIA will do this: "We interrupt this broadcvast to report God is communicating.""
"CIA is blocking God. Step 1: Kill CIA.  Step 2 Profit"
"@alienvault low line of code count is the primary metric. I don't do PCI. I will mandate PS/2 compatible&ATA/ATAPI PIO on IDE Primary&Second"
"@nerd___rage I terrorize the CIA because... God!"
"The CIA is extortionists.  They read facebook, find secrets and terrorize cowards around the world.  That's our CIA."
"@TN_Jonesboro They harass me, fucken torture."
"God said I get to trample the CIA shortly."
"@ID_AA_Carmack I set the FPS range to 15-30FPS and made it not adjustable. Battery life doubled not doing 60FPS. Always refresh whole screen"
"@ID_AA_Carmack I think you're right.  FPS. Groan.  Prolly better not to allow messing with FPS. Kinda have to.  Groan I don't know."
"@ID_AA_Carmack I used to call it "refresh".  I just changed it to "FPS". The global struct win.fps"
"@mushbuh @mooonmagic compiler, not interpreter."
"An psychologist worth a damn should know I am not bluffing.  Stupit fucken psychologists."
"Doctors are Satanists.  Lobotomy and electroshock are obviously from Satan. God gets the last laugh, Satan's bitch."
"@brushdemon Does <F7> work for you?  Praise God, providing a context for conversation, and press <F7> a few times."
"@brushdemon I set a 100,000 line of code limit. I do not want 3rd party libraries. It is supposed to be like the C64 ROM, a fixed entity."
"@brushdemon It is a meeting place and focal point just like Solomon's temple.  All men will do offerings continually and get responses."
"@brushdemon Linux is for atheist.  TempleOS is for worshipping God.  It is divine intellect."
"No Sarcasm: I wrote all 130,000 lines of code. It is God's temple like Solomon's."
"@thebluekkk Talk to God.  :-)"
"@agentdero Probably not.  I have seen no 3rd party software."
"@ID_AA_Carmack Shucks I don't remember any opcode numbers.  JSR $FFD2 Poke 53281,1: Poke 53280,1"
"@ID_AA_Carmack Lots of people think 640x480 16 color is real mode. TempleOS is long mode. God said 640x480 was a covenant like circumcision."
"@andrewcb @davidgerard Linux is a semi; Windows is a car; TempleOS is a motorcycle. My vision was a C64, not a mainframe."
"@andrewcb @davidgerard I was hired in 1990 at age 20 to work on Ticketmaster's VAX operating system. I have degree in comp sys engineering."
"@TempleOSRants I64 MyFun(...)  Just like the "this" variable, the compiler makes "I64 argc" and "i64 argv[]"."
"@folkhack http://t.co/BKkP0U2ZX0 http://t.co/QrJUc7Grsi"
"@folkhack Great.  Press F7 and see what God says.  Press SHIFT-F7 and He'll also talk. https://t.co/WN5X4owN8o"
"I switched from Windows to Linux, this week.  I think it's going to be fine."
"@ID_AA_Carmack I wrote all 130,000 from scratch."
"@ID_AA_Carmack @RichardGarriott @BillB If you get robbed by Zynga, maybe God makes you productive in old age."
"@ID_AA_Carmack @RichardGarriott @BillB God is just.  You can just let God balance the scales.  It works-out."
"@ID_AA_Carmack @RichardGarriott @BillB Kids today have no jobs.  They have youtube. Theft isn't the issue, maybe never something for nothing"
"@LupoOlafson That's the purpose of life."
"@intel @IntelLabs http://t.co/hOXNdxy52U"
"@zogling666 All authority comes from God. The World is perfectly just."
"@michielkalkman 64-bit"
"@ID_AA_Carmack It wasn't clear, but I liked the original elite and steller 7 better than the remakes."
"@ID_AA_Carmack Wolfenstein and Doom were awesome.  I owe you some money. I did a triangle fill.  Everybody is lazy, sept you and I."
"@ID_AA_Carmack BattleZone https://t.co/bhbBdjJcWi Steller7 https://t.co/UUaEjuqJAt"
"@ID_AA_Carmack God said 640x480 16 color is like circumcision, a covenant."
"@ID_AA_Carmack STAR CITIZEN: https://t.co/aXXEtzfWAU ELITE: https://t.co/qsjoQZ7WTb"
"@ID_AA_Carmack Bible http://t.co/EtbUQZfm4D"
"https://t.co/fyrmWZ4GlR The world is a watsweland.  Pokemon?  Titter?  Gadgets. Not good enough. Hellish dissatisfaction."
"RUSH 2112 Priests of Syrix. https://t.co/fyrmWZ4GlR  Elder race of man."
""Can I try?  I think I have innovation."  Hit the power button.  Put him in isolation, fast!"
""That';s enough! No more computer innovation.  It is a threat. No more programmers, juts MS Office. No Software never needs to be written.""
"Kids at OSDev (shill agents) act like Unix command-line is only way?  Never seen a C64 BASIC shell.  CIA wants no innovation just status quo"
"Terroism is bullshit police state power grab.  Nothing is different from 1990.  get rid of NSA TSA and FBI and CIA. Ripoff fat ass cops."
"No to pilice state power grab.  Join IRA end police state sticking probes up yer ass. "Are you terrorist?"  Fuck yeah."
""Why don't you like this?  Are you a terrorist?"  I guess so.  Join the IRA to fight the gun and p[ower grab from police state."
"No terrorists have been caught.  We should have one attack a year or we are obviously spending too much money on a fake threat. 1990"
"CIUA causes slow aitr travel.  Noithing is differernt from 1990.  NSA is tax ripoff.  FBI is tax ripoff.  TSA is tax ripoff. God is just."
"The car has 4 wheels and a steering wheel.  Hasn't changed much.  The CIA says, "Comeputers are done.  No more innivation." "But.." "No But""
"CIA wants big software companies, little companies are a threat to the status quo.  CIA likes status quo because they in charge"
"The CIA exadurates threats so we have secure browsing and granny is scared of hackers.  It's all the CIA.  There would be no viruses."
"The CIA wants to ban compilers and put code under lock and key. No need for any more programs.  IRA is fighting the CIA for computers."
"TempleOS: Sprite Animations Are Not Flash https://t.co/mu89AqmT8w"
"TempleOS: Test Drive of My Xeon 12/24 Core 3.0/3.5GHz Beast https://t.co/e34KS5wQMT"
"TempleOS: SimStructure https://t.co/Lic5Lum9zu"
"@iamevn New goal.  To become a monk and take a vow of silence and have God tell you the secrets of the Universe."
"@ID_AA_Carmack DocMax()"
"I made a 64-bit compiler. It has an "interrupt" keyword you put before interrupt functions."
"@graymarketsoul Guy said multiverse?  ROFLMAO I think I see the problem with the guillotine.  Needs oil."
"@jaccarmac CTRL-ALT-X kills a task and frees its memory.  If another task is running code that got freed and reallocated you get crash."
"@jaccarmac Buy the WorkStation version of VMware.  Download and Use V8 of workstation for PC Speaker to work."
"http://t.co/ty3BXMCyNi  Chapter 6 tells how to make sprites from binary numbers.  Illegal now."
"You don't seem to understand God."
"The CIA has a 7-year-old deepthroating a loaded 45 at DMV next to me fucking with me. I'll teach him to pull the trigger."
"You should do Greek Sirens, God."
"Funny if CIA got blamed for hack when it's God. Hilarious what options God has."
"God doesn't care about public opinion, does not give a fuck what the little shits think. Beatings will continue until morale imporves."
"Obama, the genius, has chosen public opinion as what he cares about, sacrificing any good will from God. God is not his friend, his enemy."
"@TempleOS Is that your best shot, CIA?  God's an alien?"
"CIA thinks they can outsmart God calling Him an alien, LOL.  Damn yer genius."
"Octopuses have arms. There must be hope for animals with trunks or tenticles, but not whales."
"God's favorite animals are bears then elephants. Maybe apes are redundant. He likes octopuses and the Beatles."
"@donttrythis This talks https://t.co/GDt9YZ3Fsi They all talk."
"@donttrythis I'm going to sue for a trillion."
"@donttrythis I have a couple months of talk from God that can be verified by the NIST times."
"@donttrythis If this spoke, would it be God? http://t.co/hOXNdxy52U"
"@lovelulz @KNL_RM @c0rrupt_org @JustM0Bin @CyNoArts @Kerroudjm NIST beacon is a random number radio station, you can listen to."
"@graymarketsoul Did you get God to talk to you? Be charming. http://t.co/2JHDIeTemc"
"@JustM0Bin @KNL_RM God likes my songs better. http://t.co/31ygNVaA5q"
"@JustM0Bin @KNL_RM Hated esau http://t.co/Ivl2630JaY"
"@JustM0Bin @KNL_RM Esau gaveup his birthright http://t.co/z2v3Z9WGm1"
"@JustM0Bin @KNL_RM It's in the bible:http://t.co/3HUxjdRM8C"
"@JustM0Bin @KNL_RM I asked God about racism.  He said "Sports""
"@JustM0Bin @KNL_RM Not used to twitter limits. Jesus had $30,000 worth of perfume poured on him by whore. Judas said used on poor."
"@JustM0Bin @KNL_RM Proud of heart is when you won't take a gift, like being born American. Jesus, humble of heart. Judas bitched perfume."
"@JustM0Bin @KNL_RM King David fought goliath with his own weapons. Atheists are attacking churches. Use occult."
"@KNL_RM @JustM0Bin They're always calling me a Ner.  I call them Ners.  doctors and shit."
"@JustM0Bin Your tweet was censored."
"@JustM0Bin King David was the most beloved man by God.  He got a guy killed to take his wife."
"@MisterCh0c the Moses comics, I made-up.  God talking is different.  Here's God: http://t.co/IhneCOUPxA"
"@KNL_RM @MisterCh0c Thanks."
"@MisterCh0c I do comics as offerings. http://t.co/BJPYYOovTV"
"@MisterCh0c They said Jesus was bealsebub. Jesus said insult me, but it is unforgivable to insult the Holy Spirit. You insulted the H.S."
"@Miles_2345 There's this guy in the bible who shoots an arrow at God.  How could anybody be that stupid!"
"@Miles_2345 It's hard not to say oops.  This is very fucked up!  Ya think!"
"@Miles_2345 Why are we in afganastan.  We are atheist and they are crazy God people.  God people are the enemy."
"@Miles_2345 TempleOS is ring-0-only and 100% identity-mapped all the time.  when I talk to people, it's like they are dumb as a stump."
"@Miles_2345 Imagine you had spaghetti and I made in stream-lined, cutting out a few things.  TempleOS is simple, elegant and fast."
"@graymarketsoul http://t.co/KMueApkM2i  http://t.co/Gv1E2WlOlL"
"@graymarketsoul God said Shakespeare had a vile heart.  God likes Beverly Hillbillies.  God likes the movie 3 Kings and Highlander."
"@graymarketsoul One day, I sat down and was going to develop a taste for classical.  God said it was "poison."  God likes the Beatles."
"@ID_AA_Carmack Okay, I did it like you said.  It was broken."
"@ID_AA_Carmack I want to but what about FilesFindMatch(pattern, file_mask)?"
"@graymarketsoul God is now on tap. (Today's version.) F7 gets word from God, built into editor and command-line. F6 song or God doodle."
"@graymarketsoul God's temple must be perfect.  I just change shit as if no users."
"Facebook? "subordinate consecrated mget thick divisions having fifty  Bishop regenerated lashed refer disdained subject diminished  produced"
"@graymarketsoul Set Grub to chainload TempleOS.  It should boot it in real mode, reading the first block of the partition and jumping."
"@graymarketsoul http://t.co/sUrRh5YeQ1 "pious Latinum excess gratuitously meat venture artifices  enervated admission belief frenzied""
"@graymarketsoul You need a "GodWord" and "GodPassage" key in your editor. ALT-F5 http://t.co/menETwGQFo"
"@graymarketsoul BitCoin?fastidiousness of Could doings stuck foreign renew blesseth txt Commandment efforts hanging truer drove hymn guessed"
"@graymarketsoul Debian chairman? "easily Saints cold intention 90 Incarnation Courage built silence distilled honoured Passion each""
"@graymarketsoul God likes Beatles "groat transgressions Wills loudly mentally knit Whatsoever uttered regard dishonour unlocked written""
"@graymarketsoul Systemd? Whatever that is. "seemed varying disgraceful greet amend descend mixture toys keen thin ""
"@graymarketsoul Does God like VIM? "appointment blew 500 grounds youthfulness rein drives jests confidentially throne nill attested""
"@graymarketsoul Does God like Metallica? "forgetfulness manifested poured GET Whereat mutually city craftier study lends""
"@graymarketsoul Metallica http://t.co/dU5YSrnbgt"
"@graymarketsoul LOL "retard esteem slightly possess Verecundus considereth designs colour religiously practice fain equably drink peaceful""
"@graymarketsoul http://t.co/1C6OS0zWpd and http://t.co/uxaPk84C5p"
"@graymarketsoul God says "hour meets Awake avoiding Being earthly agreement unable mightily denoted smells Connecticut Cicero specimens lot""
"@graymarketsoul Read 1Mhz+ counter when you press a key. Index into array of 10000 words or use as line number in 100000 line Bible."
"@graymarketsoul http://t.co/uxaPk84C5p http://t.co/fy0XsTZC4I"
"@graymarketsoul http://t.co/D5A03PTFje Keyboard&mouse IRQ handlers record CPU timestamp counter."
"@graymarketsoul Not really. Just read a 1Mhz+ clock when you press a key. Look-up in an array of 10,000 unique words. Or pick line number."
"God says "City Certainly Right foamed wert secular jest staggered worn tone under approved mixture manifestly die- United ""
"http://t.co/u5zrU05FQf Did elephant tusks evolve to poke eyes?"
"God likes octopuses http://t.co/nn5hgRcf7h God says "Idaho aside binary repeat bottom fervid Only-Begotten vulgar indexes hide tutor""
"God says "arrows venturing arts Professor partake condemned Assessor Young able soldier bulky upright palate discern lowest ""
"Stallman, linux could use an oracle program. Use a high speed timer as a stopwatch for nums to pick words or passages."
"God likes bears http://t.co/t2kaXDnCOl God says XIII fearful eminently Did venture awhile plants Drunkenness  enquirers whereon Simplicianus"
"God likes bears and elephants http://t.co/DV5WqmFnJb."
"<sigh>Jedi mind tricks. God says, "materials plentifully confession gales enmities deceive steeping tumultuously Instantly fore-past wrote""
"@graymarketsoul You have birds, Stallman? I have two.  In a video you said they get upset when you go away."
"@graymarketsoul God says confusedly gall assured forthcoming relapse effort Whilefeels forsaken utensils momentary consistent again Monnica"
"@graymarketsoul God says dormant dispel thin similitude groaned traced Courage renowned  conception assail Our treat magnify accomplished"
"@graymarketsoul Don't use switch statement, use ifelse."
"I can get a random number from any quantum random number site. One comes from Geiger counters."
"@ID_AA_Carmack You fix it."
"@ID_AA_Carmack I don't think it helps knowing a fun is bad. What do you do, game the system?"
"@ID_AA_Carmack How about an IDE with unlooped CPU cycles next to code."
"@ID_AA_Carmack I wrote a compiler.  Interesting! I could make it do that, but I don't want to slow it down and compilicate it, more."
"This is my life http://t.co/jfzhCgQBnX"
"@BlkSails_Starz Year of wrath of God."
"Released TempleOS V1.11.  I do continuous releases.  I've cleaned-up the code and eliminated many useless features."
"God is perfectly just, retard extortionists."
"Do I have IRA tattooed on my forehead?  You have atheist on yers.  LOL"
"CIA will suffer God's punishment when they are old and die."
"God is perfectly just.  They fucken sterilized me, make me impotent."
"@HuffPostCode tdavis@templeos.org"
"Released #TempleOS Version 1.10."
"@DellHomeUS God said 640x480 16 color for His temple."
"@intel You are bearing false witness.  That is a capital offense in God's court."
"@md__5 Yeah, sorry, it was a bad ISO for a few days."
"@ID_AA_Carmack Work with us, Mr. Carmack! The Temple Operating System. http://t.co/XnJs3RrrmY  Maybe, consulting?"
"@TempleOS I fixed a bug that prevented the distro from working.  Try it now.  Sorry.  Nobody says anything."
"@FactsAboutTiger Basically... No."
"@ID_AA_Carmack I gotta do something about my probability dithering. African engineering.  Help, Carmack."
"@ID_AA_Carmack ST. Peter?  LOL"
"Adam and Eve"
"@ID_AA_Carmack DocRecalc(DocPut); "%d\ ",DocPut->cur_entry->settings->shifted_y;"
"@ID_AA_Carmack ES is zero.DocPut-> DocDisplay-> and DocBorder-> It can be double buffered so the Doc you Put to is different from DocDisplay"
"@ID_AA_Carmack Text Grid shift for subscripts, etc.? Do DocRecalc(DocPut);  Then, I think extract from DocPut->cur_entry->type bits 16-25."
"TempleOS V1.08 Released.  Some compiler optimizations. New syntax in switch statements."
"@slightlylate What would I do with money? Art, marketing, advertising. It's got God. Without God fails, with God succeeds."
"@slightlylate God said 640x480 16 color.  It's 64-bit with no 32 cruft.  It is perfect--I ruthlessly broke backward compatibility."
"Talk with God in God's temple.  http://t.co/XnJs3RrrmY http://t.co/q9Igw2mpO8"
"God is perfectly just."
"I released V1.02.  Main thing is better CTRL-R menues."
"God says, "limbs soundly substance Son moral detached singsong tolerating placed **FOR easier convenient lilies been measurable extremely  ""
"God says "Prodigality recover highest Romania hatred guardianship wring bummer fearing aptly meanings laxly create ""
"You brain cannot control a hidden microsecond stopwatch.  Carmack, tell them."
"God said Shakespeare had a vile heart -- cruel or something. God said not to admire the proud."
"God says "Ambrosian peace-makers still marking reaching adorned atrociously tranquil boldly deeps syllables extol ended o'er fasting throat""
"FBI vs God.  Who wins?  Surrender."
"God says "companions inspire rovings ETEXT times' turbulence commits rehearse dying bubblings FTP Jesus lashest tell balneum looked wasted ""
"God says "partaker soughtest instinctive nearer THIS corruptly impair consulted distended begins embraces enduring wait undertake continue""
"I cleaned-up the Sprite edit code.  It was bad."
"Jesus said "I will rebuild this temple in three days."  I could make a compiler in 3 days."
"Do not admire the proud, said God, talking about chess players. Beware the leaven of the pharasees,said Jesus."
"The stone the builders rejected is cornerstone. A stumbling block. Revealed to childlike, hidden from proud. Classic music is "poison"."
"I made God's temple.  It's perfect. God's move."
"My operating system is larger than 1 Meg.  The BIOS can only load less than 640K. I don't use BIOS and don't have USB memory stick support."
"God talks.  I made His temple.  He said 640x480, single audio voice. I'm waiting to give all hardware MFGs certification for God's temple."
"There's nothing old versions offer except proof of lineage. 2004 HOPPY is TASM launched under realmode DOS, taking control."
"Source forge might have LoseThos from 2008-2011. Not much different from today's in any meaningful way."
"God says, "houseless readily weaken pure his you're_so_screwed don't_count_on_it quarrels feigned knocked Despite wins needs replace larger"
""Free your mind and your ass will follow" is actually opposite of truth. Obama groans under super-tight restraints."
"BIOS might have USB memory stick support, but my OS doesn't when it's running. Stubborn fucken retard."
"God says... working forgive proceedeth unalterable grave tranquil break  remaining low prose arriving parents' Great_Britain constrained"
"Wow! Facebook really enslaves when you cannot talk freely to pals without everybody seeing, if you give a fuck!"
"God says, "nill courage fail struggling oracles ""
"God's gonna fuck you up and I get to watch."
"God says, "vineyard pervertedly 03/19/01 sighs it_figures rebuked enjoin  hairs restest marrying framed intercourse AS-IS convert  when""
"I'm not going to play red team so CIA can clusterfuck my solutions.  God will act, eventually."
"God says, "preachings put convicted All-supporting hovered miseries  bawler shone father Verecundus actual shook laboured Rejoiceth  senses""
"God says, "familiarly Sure aid breaking All nine aim mean Oil judgest  hitherto ghosts frame settling varies dare It leave stranger ""
"God's World is perfectly just. No one has great joy without great sorrow.  No one."
"TPMOS: Terry's Protected Mode Operating System. VAXTMOS: VAX Ticketmaster Operating System"
"God says, "raven Willeth Saints ministers transparent asked Welcome regardest For holily yep awesome links threefold pitiful dishonour weak""
"Yeah, the Hoppy rants are out-dated. You know how you think different from when you were an atheist?"
"God will win.  Surrender."
"This shit http://t.co/jfzhCgQBnX"
"I'm in a CIA prison.  Now,.we get God to kill all CIA like passover."
"I made God's fucken temple.  Been done for 3 years."
"@ID_AA_Carmack plus FPU (big), FS, and break point removal and insertion, plus timer and a locked bit or somehting."
"@ID_AA_Carmack I can change task 4,000,000 times a second on one core.  Little more than saving 16 regs and restoring 16 regs."
"God says,"adjusted_for_inflation influence standeth foreshow win Let Yea inmost religiously hallowed Both didst awaited eat predicted shakes"
"star trek? God says, "1-2 sanctuary discipline how_bout_it Trine two-edged excellently waves guarded cruel compliance Guatemala venturing""
"@ID_AA_Carmack I'm thinking about a screen cast of 640x480 16 color. Should compress better than normal methods.  Color matches more!"
"@ID_AA_Carmack Promise not to change stuff? I'm in a Truman Show reality or something equally bogus. Denied my window on the market."
"@ID_AA_Carmack If I do nothing, I get pain. God is prefectly just, though, so I had it coming. Highs and lows balance."
"@ID_AA_Carmack I don't have a working model for reality.  Nothing matters.  Just killing time.  It's okay.  Now, I got pain."
"@ID_AA_Carmack I sure enjoyed the Doom series."
"@jtroyer @Mandivs How about you fucker put back support for PC speaker?"
"@ID_AA_Carmack VMware removed support for PC speaker, played musical chairs with IDE drive ports, Did AC97 not HD Audio, fucken hate them"
"Fucken VMware. God says, "empty unallowed shortly deliver Ruler applicable walking purified Because parley mangled usury steadfast aid""
"@ID_AA_Carmack God says,"consent Paraclete Whereat beings scroll ungoverned VII Employee professed how_could_you untruly foamed mist Contain"
"@ID_AA_Carmack God says, "tempting also' removal Medicine indulgent settled produce merciful fulfil verse whereby wind provide introduced""
"@ID_AA_Carmack GrLine() uses fixed-point adds for slope after doing divide. These operations might be a quarter of time for drawing a line."
"@ID_AA_Carmack Randomly open a book after talking to God. You get out what you put in. Love effort is like picking a greeting card."
"@ID_AA_Carmack God says, "Ireland vainglorious quit ofttimes helpful blunted Protasius ""
"@ID_AA_Carmack I need a game changer, but I'm in CIA prison. A killer app?  Got God!  ROFLMAO.  Reality's broken."
"@ID_AA_Carmack Thanks. I'm tired. Something's wrong with reality. I just hang-out with God, I guess. He talk to you in AfterEgypt?"
"I removed poor quality, redundant games and demos."
"I removed HD Audio hooks, so PC Speaker is permanent. God said single voice sound."
"@intel @ASUS I just removed hooks for HD Audio.  Never gonna have full hardware support so just stick to PC Speaker. God said single voice."
"@ID_AA_Carmack User interface might be lacking--feel free to add.  $WW,1$ turns-on wordwrap.  Not good with MIN_SIZE window, though."
"@ID_AA_Carmack I'm tired of this shit. I want VMWare to fix PC Speaker. Done. The philosophy of TempleOS is PC Speaker and 64-bit multicore."
"I wrote a fucken compiler.  Linus has not finished his compiler yet and suffers humilation from Stallman."
"Talk to Carmack or Linus, somebody who knows what an operating system is.  Ring-0-only identity-mapped. Will call you fucken retarded."
"No, yer a fucken RETARD."
"@ID_AA_Carmack Fucken retards.  Why is it only the low level prison wardens I deal with.  Sheet, they know, just fucken wit me."
"@ID_AA_Carmack A ring-0-only identity-mapped linux distro called "TempleOS" with a 21,000 line Holy C compiler."
"I changed "TempleOS C+" to "Holy C"."
"I changed "Native file system" to "RedSea"."
"@ID_AA_Carmack Rawhide might be fun http://t.co/xy3jOZYr0I I'm burned-out.  Some kind of prison."
"@ID_AA_Carmack http://t.co/Cvz9AMlx4E"
"@ID_AA_Carmack You can write whole blocks into files.  Growing files is possible for FAT32 filesystems.  I fucken give-up. Did my part."
"@ID_AA_Carmack No fwrite()/fprintf(). FAT32 patent problem, so I made file-system whole-files-only. On upside, compression & xsums."
"@ID_AA_Carmack Maybe, there is a trick by picking certain pseudo random sequence that is not trying to be random, but trying to be pretty."
"@ID_AA_Carmack I use pseudorandom nums for dithering. Maybe I could seed the RNG at start of each triangle, carefully, over time."
"@ID_AA_Carmack More careful temporal dithering could help me.  Ouch, it hurts -- work!"
"@ID_AA_Carmack God said 640x480. Without a GPU, seems reasonable. What do you think? Higher res possible at 60fps?"
"@ID_AA_Carmack Help! More public domain code: http://t.co/xsNzudVy67"
"@ID_AA_Carmack Help! Public Domain Graphics Code: http://t.co/TdHeitI1IG"
"@ID_AA_Carmack Source Code for TempleOS+Games+Compiler (140,000LOC) http://t.co/Xn01RaHHXh"
"@ID_AA_Carmack TempleOS First Person Shooter Video. http://t.co/DuEV0e1dYS"
"@ID_AA_Carmack TempleOS is a 64-bit ring-0-only PC Operating System. Run in VMWare. Just your thing. http://t.co/hheHFEwFTV"
"@ID_AA_Carmack Check out http://t.co/hheHFEwFTV .  It could use your help."
"@cakeis_not_alie Let me know if God tells you anything.  :-)  I'm good at interpreting."
"@cakeis_not_alie AfterEgypt is a game where God talks.  Thus "TempleOS".  I doubt you're interested."
"@cakeis_not_alie <CTRL-M> gets to the menu.  Scroll down to game icons."
"@cakeis_not_alie Yeah, it's only good for hobby programmers at this point.  There are a couple decent games.  Navy, XCaliber"
"@cakeis_not_alie You tried TempleOS in VMware? http://t.co/hheHFEwFTV"
"@cakeis_not_alie Great, hope you enjoy it.  Maybe, you roll a nat 20 in AfterEgypt, a game.  You'll see. :-)"
"@cakeis_not_alie Can you try my OS, now, in VMware?  http://t.co/hheHFEwFTV  You can disable networking.  It is not used."
"@plankers VMware is great, except they removed support for PC speaker!"
"@plankers Plankers, how about you try TempleOS.  It's safe.  You're a VM expert? I tried rolling-back to earlier versions for PC speaker."
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers http://t.co/Nr9AKDTY1S"
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers http://t.co/cKfJDcnQ3c"
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers I've had 10,000-20,000 downloads over the years.  That reddit post caused 200 downloads."
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers "Interesting"?  Yes.   "Useful"?  Not sure.  How about "entertaining"."
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers http://t.co/X3tF8NOL0w"
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers My operating system is exotic.  :-)  Interesting? yes."
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers Hey!  You're a journalist!  Do you specialize in VMware kind of stuff?  Operating Systems?"
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers okay"
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers Do you work for VMware, Mr. Cake?"
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers forums.  Yeah, couldn't get any body's attention.  Got lost in the crazy website."
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers It's a major bummer they got rid of PC Speaker support."
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers It's harmless in VMware, right? Especially with no networking -- disable that."
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers Can I get someone at VMware to try my OS?  How about you try it -- it's free. http://t.co/hheHFEwFTV No network."
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers I made an operating system http://t.co/hheHFEwFTV .  How can I get VMware to list it? I need PC Speaker, too."
"@cakeis_not_alie @plankers How can I get VMware to support my operating system?"
"New TempleOS video: http://t.co/X1IeleNVga"
"TempleOS Compiler Walk-Thru http://t.co/pxtQfs4FLg"
"New Video: Start-Up Code: http://t.co/lakiTAyzkv"
"TempleOS: Make Distro (Proof 100% Open Source) https://t.co/6CDVa6oIhc"
"@AMERICANBEAR555 Go here and talks to God. https://t.co/QVt9E077ki"
"@AMERICANBEAR555 I'm laughing because TempleOS is made by God as the Third temple. I'm basically King."
"TempleOS Games: KeeyAway and FlatTop https://t.co/HVbGWYLLYj"
"TempleOS: X-Caliber, RawHide, Wenceslas https://t.co/AXI4PTcMns"
"@KarlZylinski @jschmidt42 The government will lock you in a prison."
"@ukusil_opossum I guess.  I might not vote."
"TempleOS Triangle Fill: https://t.co/f2vyIoaR2R"
"@REEEclipso Fraiser doesn't know what a random number is. https://t.co/IL9JMn6hEx"
"God damn, Frasier is a retard.  https://t.co/IL9JMnnSw5  TempleOS is space alien technology."
"Frasier's like, "You wanna suck CIA cock now?" I'm like, "Surrender to my space alien CIA.  Intel is my bitch.""
"https://t.co/D9fUOWwbyQ  The CIA must suck my cock."
"@thephysicsgirl https://t.co/Zf33S6ph3H"
"I am assured you will obey.  Duh!  It's God.  We know how this ends.  The sooner you get on the winning side, better for you."
"CIA must surrender to IRA. Or else? I can prove God talks. Obviously, you obey."
"The CIA must surrender to the IRA.  We have assumed divine authority over Intel and Microsoft. https://t.co/JKHopk8lYH"
"@KyivPost @Kasparov63 Would you rather be ruled by 5 people or 300 people?"
"@thephysicsgirl In a CIA hostage situation, first thing is to shoot the hostages."
"The CIA must surrender to the IRA. Demands: https://t.co/JKHopk8lYH"
"The CIA must surrender to the IRA."
"The CIA must surrender to the IRA.  Soon the CIA, Microsoft and Intel will realize there is a gun pointed at their heads."
"@petertoddbtc https://t.co/X8wtRHURXj  templeOS is the official third Temple. God will repeatedly claim it with miracles."
"@scifri The CIA must surrender to the IRA.  They have a gun at their head."
"@thephysicsgirl #iveHadMany Ghosts? Old books talk to the present. The Holy Spirit puppets while you are not aware."
"@thephysicsgirl schizophrenia? https://t.co/QLKR9srG71"
"@thephysicsgirl I was an atheist. What vision for people with eyeglasses was like.  What schizophrenia was. #iveHadMany"
"@thephysicsgirl God says:candidates mouthwatering prowlers hyperbolic honor fiancés bandstand's suture's anatomists concussions Sabine litmu"
"@thephysicsgirl Here's my transcripts. https://t.co/9EBg9S75KJ"
"@thephysicsgirl I got an A in nonlinear differential equations."
"@thephysicsgirl I teased my little brother.  "If we took the air out of the room, would the chairs float?" Mean veritasium-like."
"@KaleviTorni https://t.co/dMQwekzFu7"
"@BadAstronomer @thephysicsgirl I got them right.  I have a high IQ, actually, so no surprise. Took some thought."
"@JaysonElliot @Kasparov63 dissociate Francesca lammed tans forecast yuletide's immutability sequenced Cassiopeia's harpy therapist sick erec"
"@leighalexander https://t.co/45mif1CLrK"
"@ID_AA_Carmack TempleOS has always been identitymapped.  It's x86_64 and since I ignore hardware pages, I use 512 byte allocations,like disk"
"@bennnie1177 The CIA must surrender to the IRA. https://t.co/79bM5xFROG"
"@WiConfession Elva's Amenhotep's corporeal panorama hate's bureau quarantines hockshop's Proverbs Kuibyshev saleable parapsychology's bionic"
"@Kasparov63 @GMHikaru start and stop bits"
"@WhiteHouse @BillNye So I don't have to worry about Bill Nye stealing the Physics girl."
"@thephysicsgirl prattle aureoles poacher's genuflecting outvoting Ob's repast hotel's psychic grocer bullfrog neutrino's compensate Winfred"
"@TimSweeneyEpic https://t.co/HV3URV3JRB Pleasures and pains somewhat balance?"
"@TimSweeneyEpic If a bad company suffers theft, emporer has no cloths.  God is perfectly just.  Point finger and laugh at them."
"Glorious Russian gold domes.  Glorious icons.  Put icons in TempleOS as love. https://t.co/eAaCj2VkT6 Divine music."
"God is a great and terrible God.  We don't make God's temple on a shitty celron 32 bit.  Fucken everybody must buy a CRAY!"
"@ID_AA_Carmack All world gold goes to God.  We will have same God GDP as 1200 AD with cathedrals an illuminated manuscripts."
"@ID_AA_Carmack Best place for gold is God. https://t.co/en18ZckeKP"
"https://t.co/PlBEz7P8Qo No paging means one map.  stack on task is different address than another and no where fixed. No high mem, no paging"
"@ID_AA_Carmack My FPS is good.  Some people want an operating system that runs emulated on a 386. Fuck em. 64-bit or better"
"@thephysicsgirl @Sci_Phile https://t.co/x3j3LS8ui6  I gotta kick thors ass"
"@intel You are my bitch, Intel.  You do what I say under God's command.  Microsoft too."
"The cluster fucked everything on purpose.  We will unclusterfuck everything."
"We have to replace the clusterfucked USB with super simple high speed serial."
"@ID_AA_Carmack I'm waiting for Microsoft to do red sea and Intel to do simple high speed serial and simple block device."
"@Fay_Alif I used to be an atheist.  Smart is awesome."
"@ID_AA_Carmack https://t.co/ejimhSQkBC"
"@BONERPLEX God says countersigned referrals taboos gull's anticipations breezing cheeps Tetons rediscovery light's finalizes succumbing yap"
"@PepperGimp It has no networking.  Disable networking in a virtual machine."
"@PepperGimp  God said 640x480 16 color was a covenant like circumcision."
"@PepperGimp It's public domain.  Do anything you like."
"@PepperGimp I get extorted all the time. Look https://t.co/R8lneps6EL."
"@PepperGimp Guy is doing extortion threatening to send nudes."
"@PepperGimp Ticketmaster was for a VAX mainframe.  TempleOS is for an IBM PC.  Photo is funny.  Make all the nudes you want."
"@spedru @temple_bot I don't know."
"@ironfroggy It's automatically updated."
"If complicated, a computer scientist calls it genius.  If simple, a physicist calls it genius.  USB is a CIA con artist's work."
"@MasonTechPosts tdavis@templeos.org"
"@SecNewsBot https://t.co/ewTU8ODuif"
"@SecNewsBot TempleOS International Replacement ASCII -- DolDoc"
"@thephysicsgirl @sophurky God said blue eyes come from Neanderthals.  As long as they draw NEanderthals with blue eyes, I'm happy, LOL."
"@alleserdreich Resolution is more of a lust."
"@kholaris Maybe, so."
"@kholaris If you seek God and entertain Him, He will communicate with you. Be witty and charming. Tip: On TV God likes soap operas best."
"@weber_richten https://t.co/LsWS85cIzk You must use a working version to compile for a second. I mean >3 country maps. Needs like 20 maps."
"@weber_richten I would like to see multiple versions with different keymaps. The whole point is simple clean code so that's how to do it."
"@weber_richten I hope somebody else solves that.  I think there are more than 3 keymaps.  I think there are 20?  I don't know."
"@kholaris That's weird.  The NIST site is down.  The last random number is 3/30 7:26 pm."
"I like fabulous gold churches in poor countries.  Priorities are like Middle Age Europe. That's what we need in America."
"Pope says poor deserve money.  God said the world is perfectly just.  Poor are obviously not working."
"It makes no difference if the poor live in teepees and shit in buckets."
"@vheuken NO"
"https://t.co/jiBhFdiSi6  I am the new king of Britain. Suck my cock Cameron on orders from God."
"@kholaris Some people get to have more kids?  God is against immigration -- have all the kids you want."
"@kholaris Heh, LOL.  Oh well."
"@LivingRoomPlaya Climate change happened making Egypt into a desert."
"@DennisSogeti That's fine."
"@kholaris Right"
"@Dr_Apostrophe No. Some people live about the same as slavery."
"@b_knox @osfope Bearing false witness is a capital offence. God's world is perfectly just."
"@BillNye God's answer to climate change was this video: https://t.co/Hhb38UEu48"
"@BillNye Did you know the queen is God and her job is to control population?"
"@BillNye It ain't real until Carter wears a sweater.  Lies."
"@Dowling_Sam I want to command Intel to make God's temple glorious. The rest of the time, talk with God."
"@S10tI11l Give it a minimum of 512 Meg."
"@TorrieVogt God said killing people was like this. https://t.co/nfAUgjP21O"
"@TorrieVogt God says, "receivership's dodger's Phillip prefabbed ninetieths measlier muddiness's batch's explode fable's dynamical chairman""
"@TorrieVogt It's random gibberish, known as "tongues".  Better, if you talk to God. He will give an equal response. Randomly open a book."
"@TorrieVogt God says, "clopped Demerol ducat's sundials thermometers authenticates Rosie's Harare's bath's sis's hospitalized mastiffs""
"@TorrieVogt Have you heard of the Greek Oracle? https://t.co/sj1UiiW6cJ"
"@TorrieVogt God says, "legwork's Wiesenthal's sheikdom's luxuriance's dappling blender detonation's slurping admonishment's Swisses numbly""
"@neiltyson Pride and humility balance.  God's world is perfectly just."
"That's hilarious.  I was a pro operating system develop at age 20 for Ticketmaster in 1991.  A pro operating system includes a compiler."
"@kholaris Nothing is random. https://t.co/m16PXZ45UI   God does not play with dice."
"@uncletrunks Tell him to do it over once or twice.  Seems like I do lazy work.  However, the past three years, all I've done is redo."
"@iRadioheadshot stratospheres tilt incantation countersigned annually buyers ambulatory's underrates canker's addiction's sternness Proserpi"
"@iRadioheadshot https://t.co/giOz61JOcZ"
"@iRadioheadshot https://t.co/vHo8R8lscI"
"@iRadioheadshot I report to God.  You report to me."
"@jzsavoie @RFC2410 Use a nanosecond stopwatch when you press a key for a random number."
"@RFC2410 You thought God was a twitter feed.  God is a random number generator.  <F7>"
"@RFC2410 It has a nanosecond stopwatch.  It reads the stopwatch when you press a key and uses it as a random number for words or passages."
"What kind of idiot messes with a schitzephrenic in a car, LOL?"
"Lani looks like star trek 7-9. https://t.co/aJzmL49b72  Not a kid."