# About Me I'm Hayden, a computer science and mathematics student from New Brunswick, Canada. In my free time, I'm a hobby programmer and sysadmin, and I self-host these Git repositories, my [personal site](https://www.haywalk.ca) and an [HTTP/Gopher/Gemini tilde server](https://www.spacehippie.ca) with game servers and an IRC network, all from a Raspberry Pi 4 in my basement. Within computer science, my main interests are UNIX and UNIX-like systems and programs that follow the UNIX philosophy, server applications, algorithms, physics simulations, graphics, and control systems. The projects you'll find here are nothing special, but often reflect these interests. At the moment my programming languages of choice are Python and Java, simply because they are the ones I'm most comfortable with. As I continue with my studies and pick up more languages, I'll begin to write programs in whatever language is best for a certain task. Outside of these projects, I occasionally help individuals and small organizations with administration of their websites, usually for a fee. If you are in New Brunswick (specifically near Sussex or Sackville), feel free to contact me if you need some help with your site. I know HTML/CSS and the Linux command line, basic PHP and JavaScript, and am well-versed in using WordPress. # Contact Me To contact me, send me an e-mail at [planethaywalk@aol.com](mailto:planethaywalk@aol.com). I also maintain an [RSS feed](https://www.haywalk.ca/blog.xml) where you can find information about projects I'm working on. You can contact me in English, French, or German, and I'll do my best to respond in whichever language you write to me in.