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# Conway's Game of Life This is an implementation of [Conway's Game of Life](, a cellular automaton. I first implemented this in August 2019, when I was first learning Python. Over two years later, I was looking for a way to waste some time, so I decided to write a more polished implementation of the algorithm. The simulation runs on a grid of 'cells,' which are either alive or dead. Each cycle of the simulation is called a 'generation.' Which cells live into the next generation, die, or are born, is determined by the following three rules: * If a living cell has 2 or 3 living neighbours, it will live into the next generation. * If a living cell has less than 2 or more than 3 living neighbours, it will die. * If a dead cell has exactly three living neighbours, it will become alive. This implementation is written in Python 3.9 and requires the [Pygame]( library. This program is licensed under the [GNU GPL, version 3]( It was written by Hayden Walker ([]( on 2021-11-30.